Nautica Sud is Dealer Sacs Tecnorib in Italy.

       The evolution of design at your fingertips and excellence as the guiding thread in everything.

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Leader in the production of Maxirib: Sacs Marine Tecnorib.

Sacs has a deep knowledge of the sea since 1989. In these thirty years, we have become leaders in the production of 'maxiribs,' identifying and anticipating every technological and aesthetic evolution and always aiming for the highest standard

Nautica Sud is a Sacs Dealer, a partner of excellence.

Founded in the province of Milan in 1989, within few years, Sacs established itself as a leading company in the production and marketing of tenders for recreational boating. This has been possible thanks to the choice of excellence as the guiding principle in everything, the high expertise of professionals, the use of cutting-edge materials and technologies, and above all, understanding of a new need: combining the performance of a RIB with the comfort of a luxury yacht.

Sacs designs each of its tenders in every detail.
Every Sacs RIB is designed on the water, to be understood as the guiding principle of every detail, created to maximize the sea experience for the outfittings who choose us, emphasizing its strengths and making navigation increasingly comfortable.
We aim for a premium market segment, creating innovative and unique products in terms of design, dimensions, character, and performance